Moving on from speculative Psychology to solid Physics

BlindManVoiceWhy theory connecting Psychology(mind) and Physics(physical world) is important?

Understand the mind! It is important to know what distinguishes between the psychic process and physical process happening out there. But to a casual mind the two are interwoven and physical processes predominate the judgement as to guide will in making decisions that are often blind. At the root is the question of subjective judgment  being passed over the objective reality. How does a Physicist distinguish between ‘I am’ of the ego and ‘It is’ of the objective reality? What is essentially happening in the physical world is hidden besides the ‘I am’ of the subjective reality. The experiments conducted to commit the physical results as laws are still consciousness dependent as there is no other alien race to verify the laws. As Kant had said the whole universe is a one Phantasmagoria. Is the motion real as happening independent of mind or the synthesis of perception apparatus? Time doesn’t have direction as it being unreal so it picks up what the consciousness has to offer and to study natural science is to study consciousness itself.

Why the theory connecting psychology and physics is hard?

What is the cause and effect needlessly appear in the opposite order as travel in time is made into the future. So there is no symmetry in the world and the whole world is full of fiction. The symmetry in present time is restored by synchronicity of time where any two events occurring have no known prior causes to themselves but the will itself. Does matter have will? It doesn’t so we exclude the scientific objectivity and consider human possibility in taking into consideration time synchronicity. Hence the main hurdle in joining speculative psychology to solid physics is time synchronicity that while psychology takes human objectivity, Physics proceeds with scientific objectivity. As we move into future there is no cause and effect and no time synchronicity hence no symmetry.


Cosmic view of time is possible as opposed to relativistic time if time is traveled by altering consciousness or altered consciousness.


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