Time creating itself out of fiction

thetimeTime exists tenseless, eternal within the consciousness, it is not moving like space but unlike space is relative to the experience of motion. If it is stationary then how does we progress towards infinite time that beacons us in the future. We must not bother about the direction of time as to moving forward or backward. It is that the ever present now happens out of the fictional content of future like a ripple being caused by the throw of stone in the river so here the river is all the experience of man that is creating an illusion of happenings which we mistakenly dub as facts and then rearrange the facts according to the rules we have built about the motion in the solar system. Thus we deduce the synchronicity of events as to which is happening when and where. The human experience has the abstractions which create the order in the world and these abstractions yield to us from the sea of fiction, a moment or happening as to what has been established as an event in the space.

So time though unreal is illusionary but the progress into the fiction,moving forward into time dimension is real but stationary as you don’t cover distance to move further along the time dimension hence motion is the property of space.


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