Advance of consciousness

ConsciousnessAdvanceConsciousness is  a wave that travels with the neurons and like sound wave creating pressure in background. It has a time and locale from where we inhabit the sense of psychological time as running through the brain and reviving memory creates a stash of moments cut out and arranged in the manner of a wave which is inherently different from the consciousness. You might not be conscious when you are aware of psychological time passing by. The psychological time is of little importance to the Physicist who is more interested in tracing the sequence of events as the particles interact with each other forming a space time continuum. The consciousness exhibiting the seemingly awareness of higher dimensions is an example of advance of consciousness itself through the space time continuum.

Schrodinger’s wave equation collapses into particle when the consciousness observes it. This is an important point to consider as the proof that consciousness travels like a wave itself and is prerequisite to any scientific observation such that when Einstein studied the space it was the consciousness that causes the warps in the space which in turn causes gravity. So the advance of consciousness as wave function is an important consideration. Since consciousness could not be studied without time dilation whereby the individual observing gains time so that the consciousness travels faster than the light just to be aware of the universe unfolding in front of you say higher dimension, the seventh dimension.

The flow of time in retarding and advancing waves is the direction of consciousness which inhabits a higher space dimension besides implying time dimension.  Retarding wave moving forward in time while advancing wave moving backwards into past.

Like in three dimension the fourth dimension is explicit in which the order of events is arranged though we could freely assume the order of action in three dimension without paying any attention to fourth dimension. But in seventh dimension the shape of space occupied is a different figure though the fourth dimension is implied in which the time is flowing. Hence the time space continuum. So consciousness advances in space in higher dimension with time implicit in it.



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