Reality as fiction of real life

Screenshot_2017-03-02-12-20-51Fiction is what is invented for the purpose of knowing the absolute of the substance. As I want to know the fictional substance from where I abstract all that is in fiction, I write a novel which might be true but yet unreal. So fiction is unreal but what if I want to know the things through science I would be tempted to know the things through how the things work so I study the cause and effect which is yielded by the reason to me. So I happen to know the real. But the reality is ‘what?’ as I want to know what is there in reality, I offer to know what is there which is all unreal hence fiction. Therefore we have a reality that is unreal yet real, this is essentially a dichotomy of existence as I know energy is real yet the mass is unreal because I feel the mass as gravity which is caused by my consciousness while I hardly assume energy which I take as real entity in Physics.
The dipoles of reality that is fiction(unrealness) and realness(consciousness) creates an illusion of matter at a bigger stage when all matter I derive as quotient of gravity which I feel and see but do not realize which is actually there as my consciousness. Hence we could see multiplicity in consciousness when it makes the things known to us through matter when matter acts like a particle while when consciousness occurs as wave we realize consciousness as itself, real.
Such an existence based on real and unrealness of life, I call fictional existent.


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