Is Philosophy dead?

In convention in 2011 Stephen Hawking declared philosophy to be dead as it could not keep pace with the manner Physics has progressed over the years. It is the inert nature of philosophers to ignore Physics that today philosophy stands vindicated of its blame as surrogate mother to sciences which it once was. No more […]

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A celebration of sorts

The greenery of love exists sometimes into the far morning racing on an auto race, You pick up the hues of winter blasted upon the face of a cocoon, You nibble upon the fog as silently you walk away onto the dusty wintery road, And I see the tears swell with storms of low key […]

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Nature as an artist

Nature is a solo creator admiring on its own creation could be the thoughts of an artist on seeing one of the pictures of Van Gogh. It is worthwhile to note that the artist merges with the nature while creating the picture that helps us with making an observation that Van Gogh has transcended time […]

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Mathematics Undone

I tootle the way mathematics is run, quite on a guitar I pull the strings, on a glass of milk from the heavens and a memory bun, to recall the spirits spinning heavens among many nuns, There is a sudden reproach that God is dead, Silence settles dense fog into haze and no one is […]

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Brain in vat

Brain thriving in vat on emergency stirrups wired to a computer running simulation of the universe could be an ideal situation as to know the reality of the universe which we perceive somehow to be overwhelmingly big and real but could not be the case so. The brain in vat is running on life support […]

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