Consciousness as function of space and time

It is like a wave that consciousness as build by the brain makes its way through the space time curvature as deemed fit. The space and time curvature is made fit by the spread of energy and mass in the space and time as firstly where there is no mass the consciousness spreads like energy having no mass and travelling at more than the speed of light to the distant stars where it finds no reason for its own existence makes the individual aware of his own reality on the earth and secondly the time factor correctly builds the in built space time curvature built into the reality by nature itself. What is the cause of curvature in space is not gravity but the time dimension as ticking at the precise motion of itself and a little slowness in it would curve the space-time curvature differently.

Self-referentiality of consciousness is describing itself in the space according to time. So it is the lacking of ideal knowledge of the system that makes us study the physical system from outside of ideal knowledge. That is we study the space time curvature from the incompleteness of the ideal knowledge of time.

It is the consciousness that makes the sky appears as it appears though in reality if the earth is viewed from the top, the space would appear as a road stretched between the heavenly bodies rather than a flight into the sky. So the curvature in space is caused by the consciousness of the space which appears uniform because time not slow.

It is the mass of the earth that curves the sky and it is the consciousness that curvature the space and it is the curvature of space that curves the gravity.


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