Why the universe is grand in design?

UniverseGrandDesignThe universe is grand design without any comparison but in the parallel universe which could still be at more grander scale.  The creator of the universe which could be taken as a God particle must be of magnificent origin that we could accept God as the magnificent.The reasons for the design to be grand are few but nonetheless very significant. The first thing is the creation was very precise. If the temperature at the Big Bang had fallen by millionth of a second there could have been no creation around. So for the God particle to attain such preciseness is purely fluke but yet the creator exists as someone from the parallel universe simulating such preciseness.

The space in the universe is finite and is preordained by the creation itself so the formation of new stars and passing off of the supernovae into black holes account to fit into the available space that the Big Bang provided. So far the space occupied by the matter in the universe is predetermined and yet hasn’t failed the infinite terms of the universe. This makes the design of the universe grand.

Finally the infinite stars of the universe could fall on each other because of gravity but this is not the case. As the universe is finite the stars falling on each other could collapse in the universe and as such the gravity of stars could finish off the creation but with a whimper, but this is not the case as there exists dark matter that produces enough repulsion in the matter for it to stay in the space thus making the design of the universe grand.


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