God is a one dimensional space

God as we understand is a triad, a sort of trinity with conjugation of infinite omnipotence. A triad to exist demands a three dimensional space, a body which is finite hence God having infinite attributes could not be finite. Then we could ask for the case of two dimensional space where the magnitude is undefined while the directions in which the movement could take place is one. Still God has a finite body, a surface which if cut into two could lead to another surface but the God must be indivisible in nature as He has omnipresence. So we are left with a one dimensional space extending in one direction to infinite extent. Now the God could be indivisible as He could be a point on the infinite line yet having a form about the line. Surely He would not possess any finiteness that is associated with surfaces.

So infinite space extending in one direction is a fictional substance that does have an abstraction of itself from where all other objects in the universe are derived. What would be the abstraction of point, a line and in one dimensional space the indivisible line is a metaphor for the God having a point existence yet moving in infinite direction. As the form is not an attribute of the body, the form of the point space could be anything.

It could be the reasoning with God that might have let Aristotle to believe the earth as the center of the universe with the conception of the place where God has bestowed its prowess for the human beings to propagate life.



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