Universe as simulation with cell automation

ComwayGameofLifeThe life on earth could be distinguished from the pure being existing in nature that we devise a term ‘thing anima’ for all the processes that continue in cycle and propagate themselves which bring us to cell automation. It could be a way of propagation of species on the basis of mathematical model which defines two sets of elements with one set defining current generation while the second set defines successor generations and then the computer goes on iteration over the two sets thereby replacing the successor array as the current generation. So it models how the life propagates on the earth.

The universe is with pure being which is indeterminate but inherently the pure being is present in every human being such that it never coincides with consciousness meaning the man never is aware of pure being within himself and as such the thing anima which is with propagating life cycle never realizes consciousness thus leaving man wholly at the mercy of chance. This could be the glitch in otherwise perfect design of the universe.

So if universe is thought out to be simulation then the life propagating cell automation becomes primarily important as thus it is the breeding ground of life in the universe. The universe as cell automation must be taken seriously and studied to make the glitch in the design of the universe insignificant.



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