Love Symmetry in dark matter

cropped-utopiaimage1.jpgDark matter might suggest a movement in the direction with low energy radiation to emulate what otherwise could be found in matter, symmetry. There might be breakdown in the matter in case of dark matter but the asymmetry still might exist. Every particle irrespective of spin has  a partner in the universe that restores balance to the space. If there are partners for the particles, there is no doubt easy to believe the human love partners are real to exist in the universe.

MACHOS (Massive Compact Halo Objects) that prove dark matter may be that the gravity is too feeble that it prevails over the nuclear force hence making the particle go away. It is that the dark matter present as loss of energy radiation may be providing the mass to the initial universe which happened to exist almost prior to cooling and when during cooling it just spread away into the universe thus forming galaxies. If galaxies are formed from the dark matter then the dark matter is not a reason to be worried but the only question that arises doe it contain new particles that we hardly know? So having formed the galaxies we could call it a love asymmetry that exists on the virtue of moving apart and yet forming the creation.

As in normal matter, there exists symmetry between the particles that have different spin thus forming the dynamics of space and love asymmetry that causes the stars and galaxies to from, it is love nonetheless.

One theory suggests the existence of a “Hidden Valley”, a parallel world made of dark matter having very little in common with matter we know.


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