Dark matter is not so dark

cropped-utopiaimage11.jpgDark matter having no energy emitted and having anti gravity is supposed to be the opposite of matter with our universe made up of 68% of it. It is a fly wheel with matter receding away from us. The dark matter doesn’t interact with matter and is a universe within a universe of itself. It is invisible mass that hasn’t seen the light of the day. Maybe it is the dark matter with its preponderance in the universe that is driving the universe into finite wholesome. lying obscure yet important as it is gravitational in nature as exerting the pull of matter away from itself. May be it was the destiny of God particle to steer what could not be seen into the finiteness with which the universe exploded in the big bang.

It is that dark matter is without a graviton yet gravitating away from itself, it is life into itself where the only mode of existence for matter is to separate yet it has been together for the time the universe had been which is significant so far. So the dark matter is driving the universe into its wholesomeness towards something existing in time and the dark matter does not move towards timelessness as could be found in the black holes which could be an entry into another universe. The ying of a yang, the male of a  female, the dark matter complements matter and completes the picture of the universe where both positive and negative forces exist thereby completing the creation.



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