Hierarchy of things from love to hell or heaven

Things exist into themselves as noumenon independent of sense or perception. The things that exists as phenomenon those which could be measured with sense or perception are abundant in universe and they are abstractions of mind deducing themselves from themselves. What is deduced by one person is not necessarily the perception about the thing by another person. This makes us reach the decision  the things do have a form on which all conceptions agree but it is the content that removes the illusion of form as ever pervading. The content is  dependent on perception so there exists in the world an illusion. It is the noumenal world in that God realizes His own existence. It leaves as the base from where everything has been deduced, a pure consciousness in itself. When we conceive a thing in time-space its an abstraction from the noumenal world of God. The nature exists in classification of itself moving towards an identity which is ultimate with the God when nature is pure and the grace of God yields ‘Love Essence’.

We can’t love everything in the universe, we love things that are classified and in hierarchy of the universe. The sun could be thought of as a star and like all stars is remote and hence has importance in our daily life. Equal is the importance of moon. We could love a car only if car exists as particular in content. We cannot love cars in general. Thus the universe derives its hierarchy from the nature which further adduces the existence of hell and heaven,


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