Ada, the mother of computing

ADA LOVELACE as she was lovingly called in the late 1800s.cropped-utopiathrevi6wv1rxj.jpg“She had no relationship with her father, who separated from her mother just a month after Ada was born, and four months later he left England forever and her farther died in Greece in 1823 when she was eight.” Has a typo in it.”her farther” in that sentence should, I think, be “her father” rather she goes on to help Blaise Pascal with the design of a first computer on the planet. Kudos!

Pascal was a theologian turned mathematician to invent a calculator. Ada picked up a job after his father having penned one of the best poetics in romantic era, little did he know Ada was to enjoy fame as a famous Google on the planet after having penned the first program calculating the logarithms as desired by Charles Babbage. Indeed she is a mother of computing.


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