Man in mechanics of nature from myth to machine

cropped-utopiaimage11.jpgMan is born with a myth, hardly he knows how it all began with Adam, though Darwin has gone at length to describe man’s journey from Pre-Neanderthal to an IT professional sitting somewhere in Silicon Valley and keying on the terminal like I am doing right now, I am no Neanderthal though anymore. So from vague studies about the early startups on the earth, Adam has found a nice little technological home in the innards of the earth, content with his Police and Army he has soared into the skies but the machine is no more a myth. Machine he knows well and its mechanics have served him well too.

In the reverse of, as machine to myth is where I suppose the God stays his will, Schopenhauer though fought an illegal battle for the blind will that dawns over man as in all animals, leaving no hope for the future. Yet man has progressed to the modern day technologies. How could it have happened? God must be in man’s denial of the will; he denies will whenever he faces the monolithic questions of cosmos So Metaphysics have exploded from the world level to the cosmos. So we search into the heavens for metaphysics.

That is where the myth is born and nature like all her mystique hides behind the will of God’s metaphysics. Hinduism have gained sufficient semi-consciousness to explore the God’s existence in the world and the cosmos. He must be alive in the myth of creation, satisfied with the outcome of the big bang he had lived.


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