A momentary lapse of reason in time-space continuum

The reason slips memory and goes awry in the domain of imagination when time-space continuum is only a conception of space while space is an idea of pure intuition that is derived in a manner of awareness about the time of the day it is. Time is not an intuition but a function of memory such that we remember the last summer of 1969 as only passage of time while we remember what we felt then.

Given such condition of time-space continuum existing within the man that he differs from machine such that consciousness is direct function of time-space continuum. Though the consciousness is further a function of energy being stored at fixed frequency such that matter is only an idea though real in mind. So objects in time-space continuum are real. The space is a fictional substance but not having love essence which is with God while time is a smokescreen of space where man could be thought of smoking space in function of time itself.

 To think of space and time as properties of God is potentially to regard God as spatiotemporal, which is verboten from the point of view of many seventeenth-century thinkers.

In this context of time-space as reincarnation of human soul that there happens a momentary lapse of reason such that the soul could not program itself like a computer which it could drive as being.


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