FINITENESS OF BEING in Time Space Continuum

The energy- mass equivalence is a flat surface into the fifth dimension. It is flat and parallel to the whole continuum.

The soul does exist in the summer town and begs me to pardon her on behalf of the summer town of existence. I stash away compass as my needle of time. I talked to a ghost of madman out of diode in the summer town. Satanic verses haunt me. By the way I am imagining a parallel universe in which I live. I think as my wife alludes to green shift in imagination. I was about to commit poison of lice but the will of man denied me so I couldn’t. I being nothingness exists which is a function of time in the pure. Never saw a purple light on a disk. The light is difficult to discuss without time space continuum existing some where in my head. The continuum becomes a poison for the soul when alcohol reacts on the being.It is a triangle the air on which I happen to walk.An equilateral triangle though. By the way Pythagoras had already discovered the pascal’s triangle without any God’s help.Its a hexagon in which molecules become a substance. I owe this to Spinoza who had thought substance as septagon. It is old Jew who discovered that LOL. That triangle is a Spetagon INSTEAD. It is a hexagon though.


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