Body Mind and Soul in purview of Charles Darwin

Three religions define how the fourth religion lives after death in the vicinity of Jainism. Rest all is obscurity. The three religions are Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism explaining the existence of Christianity in the purview of Buddhism  from the Jain’s perspective.

The Islam is about the existence of soul; Hinduism is about the existence of mind; Sikhism is about the existence of body for the pure consciousness as God after death who has a Jain’s perspective when it comes to the play of love in realms of metaphysics. Hence God is the father of metaphysics while his wife reacts to metaphysique as a case of singularity in Physics.

The God’s love for the world is to breathe and taste nature in His blood with a vagabond heart of a Spanish-Indian living in the realms of the United States of the world while Mecca is only an abstraction for the soul to exist effortlessly which Charles Darwin accurately describing the evolution of man in the vicinity of mind and body duality that every philosopher of his generation tries to study in his own terms as independent of God with freedom as an essential attribute of the cosmos to exist with the world.


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