SOLVED parallex in parallel universes when the observer is nothing

Love conquers all even parllex occuring in allel universes. To catch the two men who were as quoted from a passage of  Satanic verses as

.English in semi-conscious deference to the uprushing host-nation,

“These trousers English, if you please. On my head, red Russian hat; my

heart’s Indian for all that.” The clouds were bubbling up towards them, 

and perhaps it was on account of that great mystification of cumulus 

and cumulo-nimbus, the mighty rolling thunderheads standing like

hammers in the dawn, or perhaps it was the singing (the one busy

performing, the other booing the performance), or their blast–delirium 

that spared them full foreknowledge of the imminent . . . but for

whatever reason, the two men, Gibreelsaladin Farishtachamcha,

condemned to this endless but also ending angelic devilish fall, did not

become aware of NOTHING


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