Jannat or the music of spheres

Pythagoras hinted at the universe at rest having beginning with the earth which led him to associate music with mathematics for  unique repercussions  of music represented finiteness of existence which he ultimately associated with the sky for the preponderance of creation.

The model of the universe improved with Kepler when the sun became the centre while planets moved relative to each other about the sun and music seemed to be the sweeps made by planets about the sun.

The universe is at rest for the God is an outsider who happens to be the centre of the creation while heavenly bodies make equal sweeps in their orbits relative to Him.This is at the root of man’s consciousness which makes him player of the universe thus producing music of the spheres in works of Mozart and other greats.This is further implication suggesting Jannat to be one with infinite bodies making wholesome finite music about the God who happens to be a mathematician. This is the Jannat Islamists seek.The consciousness has developed since the timed of Pythagoras 

10,0000 worlds wait in straight line to take a singke glimpse of HIM and your is an average case RRush die


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