Satanic Verses is a relief for loo

Next in the line of creation is an assault on the abodes of heaven on earth such that Mr Rushdie declares a total war on the Himalayas where he supposes God must retire. Rushdie is wrong in assuming this as he hardly finds any people there. It is unclear if there were any people in the first place. He refers to soul as debris of forbidden cockpit in which his protagonist Mr Chamcha is sleeping.As to thete is no clue to where they are following to but it could be guessd as the abode of Eve.It is named ‘Lost Love’ as birth canal. So Adam is sleeping while his protagonist plays with female genitalia, alluding to nature as mother of Adam, as if God had never seen any woman that one of his angels is exploring the love canal of Eve refering to his companion as the failed actor without any technique so God must have made hell for loose women as they entered God’s favourite zone in reincarnation of sexless bastsards. The creation Mr Rushdie refers to is correct as ‘Sexless Bastards’ where universe is concerned but would Mr Rushdie say to his mom ‘I am coming out’. Yes indeed in watery zone of English stream.


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