Jihad is a breakup of mass energy equivalence under the Paris Purview of Charlie Hebdo

God exists on my condition but not at the pope. Jihadist feels a violent surge of energy on seeing unity in organised religion and he wants to break the weight of religion in giving up themselves to the vagaries of nature which preserves the consciousness going in pieces into thin air of space. So God is great in reliving the burden of existence that is aptly chronciled in Albert Camus’s ‘the misunderstanding’ which could be loosely translated into ‘virgin standing under her own weight’,the pun intended between MISSunderstanding and virgin. Hence youthful vagary blows up itself in bringing down the pope so that God could be theirs and only theirs. The sensitive target of this,govrenment,calls it Jihad and a paris reporter lovingly calls the astray youth a jihadist who on having found true identity puts the streets of liberal democracy into fair of corpses,stunning the whole world that looks up to pope for mercy. In vain though.

It infact is a breakup of mass energy eqivalence both literally and metaphorically.


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