Beginning of metaphysics- deja vu

What is intercession for Pope is a prayer by actors for Muhammad. The actor comes into the open masquerading as God himself and ordering the slaughter of Israelites leaving the soothsayers with sooth saying about the chosen people of God, implicating themselves as the worthy among them. Why Iran intervened the sales of Satanic verses is not a mystery as the failed cultural revolution enticed the Khomeini to enter a win-win situation vis- a- vis the world which had been lying low on publicity and worthy of a sensationalizing opening for her esteem as a author favored by the up mobile liberal class of Europe to criticize the philistine class of the Middle East thus gaining from the rift, God entered into a liaison with the Satan proclaiming the Old Testament as a Jewish Book of Love where Love stood as a word for mayhem in the environs of Godly realms. What this place is He wonders again and coming to naught describes it as the one where Israelites are the chosen ones as they have not undergone any circumcision. Thus metaohysics again dawned the world making a mincemeat of any Jihad that fell in its way only to nudge Physics thereafter

Le Monde heaves a sigh at somethng of deja vu while Caliph prepares for God must be in His heaven as she comes under his spell to know where God had left Physics only to pickup Metaphysics again in her hands.


One thought on “Beginning of metaphysics- deja vu

  1. Abject denial of God in Satanic Verses and subject denial of God ny Jihadists has led fo the mincemeat of innocence in Paris. First time in the history of man nature has been reduced to a vagary of life


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