Dialectics of pure self

Consciousness is the awareness of one of multiple attributes of space which is a category of pure self such that being is possible in the world which is the case to escape the consciousness itself.This inherent contradiction creates the life cycle.The will exists in the boundary of our case which must be realized for the being to escape the very root of our existence. It’s the struggle to be finite by following the will and to escape it by negating the existence in realising the pure being which is indeterminate that man spends his existence. The self as lived and pure being as desired that he ultimately yields to the idea of pure consciousness in death.


One thought on “Dialectics of pure self

  1. What is God then?
    God is fictional substance having ‘Love Essence’ from where man abstracts all substance.God is the creator of pure consciousness having hell or heaven as one of attributes. So Jhiadists are right in thought(function of brain) wrong in method.


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