SRK is whorish in Don 2 while Don is wheatish in nature

  1. Don is a spanish intellectual who unlike public intellectuals confine himself to ivory tower,working in realms of obscurity to further the cause of God in promoting parallel ideas of organised religion.Shah Rukh Khan in portraying Don is little murkish in displaying ntellect of Don. But nowhere in the script is Don shown bookish which makes SRK, an epigram for Shah Rukh Khan,convincing but lacking depth. I am of the opinion Single Man is more apprpriate title than Don2.
  2.  Amitabh Bachahn in original Don was more enterprising with double role for Don thus highlighting duality of Don’s character as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde where so Don is heavenish and in a moment he turns hellish.
  3. Don is illuminiti in the sense of discoursing upon life.On number of occassions SRK turns being seduced by women and hence becoming whorish. I think it is a trait of Don’s character to seduce women rather the other way round.
  4. The soundtrack of Don 2 is like having Mr X to axe xrays. It is exciting and something foppish. The music enthralls both sensualy and intellectualy. The music creates it’s own genre with fresh and cool compositions.
  5. Finally cinematicaly the film is stupendous both artistically and technically. The camera angles appear to be low. The dialogues bring in the sensuality of a drug dealer out on beating the competition with slickness of street smart.

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