Salman Rushdie as to a stooge of Satan in hosting a Satanic Verses

In Salmsn Rushdle’s novel Satanic verses it’s an attempt to introduce God as a lame man with angels crouching under their wings while Satan proclaiming itself as creator of Islam. Blasphemy indeed. A socialist let loose in Mecca bozzing or buzzing with women as if he were ‘Khudah’ it seems what Mr Rushdie cslls God a womanizer while hinting at all muslims as bastards.It is the milieu of Cambridge university that inspired him to caricature the whole creation as lustful vengeance of God to acquire a name for himself in the book of Mr Rushdie.

As he goes on to describe God as having temptation to errect himself Mecca in the garb of prophet,he is insuinating Muhammad as devil let loose by lustful God to wring about materialistic desires.

Mr Rushdie distrorts Quran fantasising his third class prose to be part of the Holy Quran which is the real reason for his fatwah. Then he accuses God as having a dream of sending Mahoud to fulfil his lechery in forcing Adam to accepting Eve as a prostitute.Indeed Mr Rushdie is a stooge of Satan in Satanic Verses.


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