Guitar of the Godhead swooning with love


He raised the voice whenj he was suppossed to raise the toast.Mistake? Not yet as he was the Godhead playing guitar.They were dancing on the planet earth as love tumbled from the mount and filled the woodstock.There is love for the supernatural when to declare rockstars as Gods on the move with mythic Apollo bestowing laurels.To frame the supernatural mind is to say there is God beyond which there is no greater power posing as omipotent.The idea of omnipotent is with supernatural as God is the only precursor running through life who has infinite power and the Godhead of guitarist is stringing infinite power playing guitar which swoons the listener with the illusion of supernatural.And he was supernatural incarnation.

He stringed a chord sending shock waves through her as she felt she had never be touched like it before.It was like cosmic power had gripped her. He had been sought by God she thought while he lipped lyrics of love.
Music is not cruel act of ego but affirmation for super ego as not to try the super symphonies but let the emotions trickle down. She had become a bird locked in cage whose wings had been clipped by his melodies.Love was in the air and music in heart.


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