We are mote of dust in the cosmos

Math01By the fly wheel of motion the earth never had inertia and we continue the motion as mote of dust in the universe. The fate of the universe is static unlike its dynamic motion meaning it is of the rest like state after having exhausted motion to gain inertia which it never had. The motion is not the end of the universe. Like a mote we exist irrespective of the motion that a mote might posess. We are not an accident waiting to happen as there is order in the motion, it could yield inertia whenever it feeks, like cars moving at will only to yield the state they once posessed when they were at rest.

There is a chance that we as mote meet one day another mote like rolling dust particles in air where air is symbolic of cosmos. The higher intelligence might depend on the size of the star or planet doing the rounds of the universe. As far our identity is concerned we are a blue dot on the television screen if the screen is the universe and a mote if the universe is moving.


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