False notion of History as from the eyes of tramps

Math01History teaches the soul about the incitement of spirit into fruitful action.But if the viewpoint of vagabonds is taken it becomes clear they hardly hold any need for historical record.For a tramp history holds no significance or perceptual need. History is preponderous of thought while tramp does not want to think. He is given to more vagaries of nature. His spirit is not inclined to opening of itself to the nature,the spirit of our age.

The tramp gives more to chance and if the God does’not play dice,he is done for his age. The elucidation of spirit and not the thought is the work of history. The vagabond had spirit that is tormented though against the nature in failure to see the reason in nature.He unlike the spirit of God to lead a coherent life in bringing justice to nature, he gives in to the vagaries of nature.

While scientific socialism demands settled existence to experience the life,tramp’s  social signigicance is of collective will to move together and religion is of totem importance and history unworthy experience.


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