The three actors of Bollywood in avant garde style of modern day Cinema

Math01Never I have seen them together but they represent a breed apart for the nascent Indian personality lookup in the world of Bollywood, the look that has come up in the recent past as Bollywood has opened its doors to new vistas around the world and the world has gradually accepted the favour. The three actors are Shah Rukh Khan, Amir Khan and Salman Khan. They could string an act as if it is a juggle by the master magician knowing perfectly the knowledge about the fairer sex who in India though has risen out of troubled past. They are screen stealers as they steal the show from any other worthy actor and their dominance is an attestation of the fact that looks however demeaning would not work on the silver screen unless helped by outstanding acting.

Do they have method of acting? I don’t think so but they bring out the character with ease though struggling sometimes but the wealth the Bollywood has attracted in their reign is immense and their influence on Indian diaspora is unfathomable as they are known all round the world as the Khans who would not accept any other relegation to status than that of demigod. It is pleasing to see the fans go berserk like they never have been and the immense reach of the Khans adduces the fact the Indian democracy though nascent has popular influence of the Bollywood high which though unnerving for the state, is a clear sign of popular mandate.

I am with you and my world is a rib cage of Adam and I think you three are amazing to befit the role of Adam if ever a film is based on the first man on the earth but the problem is of finding a suitable eve to cast opposite them. Are there any takers of the films when the mob is ruled by male chauvinism and the female role is relegated to lesser importance that the three musketeers have begun to command a hold on the lands farther than the Mumbai like Cannes. In the future they might open up a new vision for the modern actor living the technology of 21st century.


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