Sex kitten or sex God -the nymphomaniac demon at large


The approach to sex is either you express it or repress it. More for the repression than expression.The dilemma of whether to give way to the force at lions ussually results in subjugation of will to enjoy self in the company of others. It goes long way in determining your social worth in manner of atttracting the opposite sex. Either you are a sex kittenn thus deneaning sexuality or a sex God exhalting the sexual chemistry one might posess. The battle of the sexes arise out of social conflict as regard to sexiness. The brave intellectual faces the conflict while meek gives into the sexual desires.

More than not the collective will to desire a desirous individual exists as long as sex occupies centrestage in social entertaiment. The notion of sex kitten or sex God is laid bare before the society and a nymphomaniac behaviour is thus encouraged. The relegation of traditional novel to secondary place as evinced by social media,the will to replace entertainment through writing, sex suffers while nymphomanic tendencies are encouraged.To be a sex kitten or sex God ‘becomes significant. The demon of sex overtakes society at large. Plundering at will the will of God.




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