Kinematics of Parallel Universe

Parallel universes exist by virtue of inflation in space or the movement of space which is essentially a fluid. It is the distance traveled by the multiverse at the time when the time itself is slower than in the reference universe in which we live. What causes the space to move is the absence of […]

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God is a one dimensional space

God as we understand is a triad, a sort of trinity with conjugation of infinite omnipotence. A triad to exist demands a three dimensional space, a body which is finite hence God having infinite attributes could not be finite. Then we could ask for the case of two dimensional space where the magnitude is undefined […]

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Love Symmetry in dark matter

Dark matter might suggest a movement in the direction with low energy radiation to emulate what otherwise could be found in matter, symmetry. There might be breakdown in the matter in case of dark matter but the asymmetry still might exist. Every particle irrespective of spin has  a partner in the universe that restores balance […]

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Dark matter is not so dark

Dark matter having no energy emitted and having anti gravity is supposed to be the opposite of matter with our universe made up of 68% of it. It is a fly wheel with matter receding away from us. The dark matter doesn’t interact with matter and is a universe within a universe of itself. It […]

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Why black holes are formed?

The space in the universe is predetermined, that is it was determined when the space began to move in the big bang. So the space that could not contain itself in the predetermined space expanded beyond the limits that the initial limits were imposed so it began to contract under its own weight as it […]

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