Zen Buddhist under the shadows of the trinity

Tony Dezongpa sitting on a mount and sermonising.

“The God exists in his awesome wholeness”

“None there is pride or earthiness”

“The God is mind and there evolves with God, mind in unison with million minds”

“Yes! million minds contained in a single mind”.

As Tony finished with his daily sermon he fell in the doubt as usual what if the God is trinity”

He so far never believed in the idea of Trinity but after reading Freud he has come under the impression it is sexual desire that dominates the world of the psyche and if there is a sexual desire there must be a relentless wish to coexist with the Holy Spirit.

So far Tony was mum but on being prodded by the listener to sermonise on the beautiful angels of the God who would never surrender to any whim of the soul, Tony erupts into a sudden burst of nonsense and said something gibberish.

There exists in the east a consolation that God after all is not a mere spirit but spiritual symphony to be sung in the praise of the Lord unlike the Church it is done out of daily memorising of the scriptures. The west is with the drive for life, the drive that affirms God exists not as a ritual but more so as a thought.

Tony wished he could analyse the psyche of his sister whom he had considered at a disfavour with the God. However intelligent the soul is, it would do her no purpose until it fathoms the name of the God. The trinity had begun to haunt him but he would keep it to himself.

You cannot endlessly theorise about God, it must end somewhere and where it ends thought Tony, it begins a new cycle as if birth and death are done into a cycle by the Lord hardly caring for the fate of the soul. In Christianity there is no rebirth but then thought Tony there might be that the trinity exists not for the founder of the religion but the followers who meditated on the name of God In the Himalayas.


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