Romancing the search engines as neurotic

Though bound by instinctual and economic needs we could outgrow search engines to fancy all the artistic or philosophical competency we have. The search engines care for what is prevalent thought through out the history that you could write a moving prose about eighteenth or nineteenth century and could receive a pat on the shoulders from search engines.

What to care about is what is my mastery? The mastery alone entitles love from the fairer sex. The women tend to fall for the men who are masters of some technical or artistic ability and more so if they could turn out to be the masters of their own destiny. So in a way search engines and women could be clubbed together subsuming the classification of species. So search engine is a species that don’t have mind of their own  but could crawl on the mind of others. Some would demand SEO as visionary or a field respectful of mastery but that is not the case, You cannot optimise search engine though your optimised content could meet a death wish from the search engines.

Are the search engines maniac depressive that they drive the content that is overtly pleasing and optimistic in nature to the top? It seems so. The works of great philosophers though might have been rendered fashion less in the current epoch could be cast away as unwanted by the search engines because search engines want to evince a response from the society that is more affirming with the current norms.

So are we in favour for the SEO being reclassified as it looses the value it affords to the content and the content might be fresh and creative. Either the content is fresh or creative, the fresh content is what’s happening in the tone of twitter while creative is what depends upon the whims of the audience as they might choose what pleases them as the writer is not established or the creative content is obscure.

As Freud went about curing the neurosis of mind that search engines are creating the neurosis of mind as they happen to shape the consciousness of man in more ways than one and when the consciousness comes in contact with reality as being held by the audience, it suffers from neurosis.


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