Last tango in Cairo leaves speechless blues behind

Tango is for the two bodies in close proximity swaying to the beat of the drum or music which is affordable for the occasion. It is a sign of liberation, liberation from the social strata. It is essentially an expression for freedom; freedom from oppression as discovered by the black America and to top it with the mood of artistic expression comes the music of the blues. Recently Cairo celebrated a moment befitting its ancient past, embracing Tango as the legal expression for the revolution.

The signs of revolution could be read from the beats of the blues music as the liberated or would be liberated enjoy sexual closeness while relishing political openness. A man dancing by the side of a woman poses a challenge to the political establishment as he ignores all the hangups of politics to enjoy the sexual freedom with his partner. Lately Cario was a witness to an uprising marking the age of enlightenment finally dawning in the erstwhile ancient civilisation.

Blues music is the chance to drink beer from the bar artistically and enjoy the favour of love as endowed by the host bar as a painter would exhibit the nudes on the streets of Paris, marking the breaking off with the social protocol. This enchantment with art and politics was shown by Cairo Opera in its bid to uplift the social,political and artistic scene of the country and bring out the truth to the people of the world.

There was no hiccup as the crowd broke into a free dance where the women and men left behind the repression of past and eased into happy dancing and the blues music as organised by Cairo Opera was an icing on the top. For how long there could live a suffering when the popular media is limited with its pack of entertainment. It was Cairo Opera that let the intermingling of the populace a big event and the blues music a chance to express artistically the political and social tendencies to break free for the regime to realise how effective a collective resolution of fun and politics could be.


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