Inheriting Jazz love underground

Jazz sprang up like bootleg liquor growing in the veins of wannabe rockers or dancers wooing the floor that is comparatively darker than one would assume in the beginning.

She had expressed a faint glimmer in living a life of slut  beseeching  Jazz as the soul of man. She whored in the districts like red wine being bootlegged and young men willing to take to the dance floor on the beats of much sinister blues music and taste the wine licked like honey from a honeycomb.

Yelling to the crowd, She opened her arms as if the whole sky would elope in her basket which she carried only to carry blues records but Jazz was the spirit and she was young for it. The rich men wanted more of love originating at a back burner to what the records play on the streets, a binding courage to crash the world with a symphony that is born on the by-lanes of Paris, mixed with the Parisian painting backdrops as many painters flourished on the whim of her dance.

If Madame Bovary could live the day, Voltaire could live the night, the nightclub must fancy the underground Jazz, Jazz born in secret meeting places as an expression to the wild interest of love. Dressed in a black polka dress which was more of a translucent silk, she fell in the arms of the crowd, jeering the death of a rival in the mischievous bar fight. The David Harley parked in the middle of the dance floor, a fresh black young man on the flute, her dancing steps on the floor, a beer in the open while a lasting night in the offing was all a Hamiltonian dance club could aspire. But I had met her as a replacement for Rita Hayworth and the bartender banned me the next day from consuming music mixed with desire that made paramount romance more endearing than death.

Death was plenty in the era of First World War when Jazz mushroomed as an expression to beat the cultural revolution thus making the soul as centrepiece of any composition. He was rich enough to woo the young bootleg dancer, puffing at the air as if there were only few moments left into the night and he was right to sleep with her on the dance floor.



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