Logical Laundry to superior design

If bits could be arranged with symmetry yet talk to the peripherals I would call it logical laundry where you don’t see the underlying structure but feel it when writing the code for the device. There are many devices which demand attention and each has the common denominator that at the core is a switch for data, allowing for either you made it or not. More like a binary option, the binary data shows when you signify not to have the current. But you must have a basis to ensure the logic for the current and that is when hexadecimals come into the picture.
What appeals to me the most is the consistency of logic in making the man fulfil its role of creator besides relishing the fruits of its creation and the moment there is glitch in the pattern or thought making alluding there is an error in logic, the symmetry of the hexadecimals is destroyed. I ensure the go between factor of design where by you go for the design which is more perfect as to the task it takes on to accomplish. I have a video, its beautifully shot and might be in symmetry of bits but if it lacks the reason,and the signifying effect of brain is destroyed, the beautiful video might end in the dumps. But the audience can’t have peep into the symmetry of bits and choose the design so there enters the concept of artificial intelligence.
What is symmetrical yet reasonable to argue by a machine is worthy of a place in the man’s collection whether it’s a video or a gallery of pictures. So the artificial intelligence is the factor of Occam’s razor, eliminating all those that are assumptions and yielding all that is reason or logic.
Like doing laundry with a spin we are designing content that is logical yet artistic in bearing. Art without the logic of suffering is banal and of little concern to the vintage collection of man. All the public galleries showcase the struggle of man with or without nature, to supremacy of soul through logic and logical laundry leading to better design in the offing.


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