Students are lynch pin of revolution

Mute, silence, reticence could mean many things when the subject is a student bend upon bringing change in the intellectual world. He might endorse energy but what he might lack is clarity whether it is the system he intends to change or hack!. Hack is the world that might send tizzy in the minds of revolution-makers. Being nerdy is an escape to be an intellectual knowing too much about the system yet disobeying but the main challenge is to hack the system so that there could be a semblance of order in the system he intends to invent or replace. Whether he is inspired by Alps or the mounts of moon, it hardly matters when Google blocks all that goes awry in the system it perceives which must be in order as evinced in a manner that ensues analysis of devices than the minds. The minds are being rendered fruitless yet the students voice their concerns about freedom and democracy while a majority of the youth goes the way the search engines find favour with society that his built more on money and lust while lesser on ideals.

To fix the past that is burdensome with history spanning years or centuries with enough of political figures having rendered the landscape barren, it is upon the shoulders of the students to make the past fruitful with imagery of an artist who could have inspired Napolean rather than any other dancer from the Hollywood flicks who have pampered the youth to believe in truths that are motivated by the lust for money and fame.

The birds fly after pecking on the field which is a loss to the farmer so negligence while guiding the students lend loss for the system which needs their support for proper guidance when the politicians of today are more demeaning and cunning than in the past. This bears a legacy impelling the students to overthrow that which is not reasonable but the way the system juggernaut reacts is creating an illusion for love which hardly exists as seen in the consumerist society. Thus the lynch pin of revolution are the source of riverbeds that hardly gather sediments in the course of their flow with students vying for more suitable cellphones than the ideals.



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