Much ado about something Windows -debugging

Windows glare empty handed on the screen with no nuggets left in the bowl form me to eat, I took a firm decision to debug what seemed to be an illusion of windows, widows blues death screen. The crash had ample of data left on to the screen which though sounding mysterious was heavenly to debug. I was in hell with my PC hanging in the middle of data load. I had to do something to change the screen and I did. I fixed what was left by Linux boot kernel and nothing could ensue in this journey of lovemaking between the operating systems. If you are interested in going to the supermarket, no operating system could stop you from accessing the mall in case of power failure which though an unwanted outcome could be messy. The dump on the disk had left what was a familiar operation, yet it was more alien like manoeuvring, if the star wars had not happened and if an alien is believed to be the master of the human tongue, the Operating system code could be memorised even by a deranged mind which hardly knows the maze of operations.

No-nonsense code flutters past the machine though crashing it almost suddenly as if it was made to look things cheaper and no googling could resurrect the dead machine which though sounding like a Zombie had potential of its own to enter a game mode on the next startup. Business or personal the games operating systems play are hardly Chinese and I wonder how Chinese are managing the version of Windows when everything is for loop in English hanging around while the computer enumerates not money but the real computation that is mathematics in motion for even the expert eye to gauge. If N-Korea could develop missile system without bothering the Windows of the neighbours there is a legitimate objection to debugging in this post cold war world.

Quote unquotes the more important thing it seems to run a PC is to crash it even if the Windows endow secret mission to Mars in near future.


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