Society in digress and in distress

Society does digress, from vantage point it moves into nothingness, unable to do anything about the prevalent norms, it actually surrenders to itself and ceases to exist for the individual. The individual who forms the corner stone of society is actually stoned to believe the aberrations of minds who play truant with society like movie actors and politicians. The coterie that is formed out of self interest and without any careful screening by the state is dangerous, in democracy the so called intellectuals are those who could sling mud in politics or hatch a dance or so in the movies. Are we going to surrender to such society in which thought is alien to thinking? From Premier we ought to get ideas about love and beauty but what we really manage to get is war and missiles. As the Fuhrer of Germany what Hitler wrecked was death for the destiny. The death indeed shaped the future society to vanguard against any existential threat to the integrity of civilised society. The society in present times have gone into hiding as the terrorists roam to decimate it so the proverbial Hitler has emerged again in the garb of a terrorist whose only ambition is to avenge the political methodology of the state. The society needs protection from the state which is haunted by the terrorists who hide behind the veils of evil manipulation by the business sector whose sole aim is to propagate itself without any regard of the individual who is hacked like a carrot as it happened in Paris. This open society of Paris is blackmailed by the right wing ideologies surging in the world who have least respect for the human reason as its sole occupation is with mind boggling religious dogmas. The dogmas of the Islam are as dodgy as the christian stalwarts like to decorate their homes with festivity. So God has stood in the progress of society which had leaped for into future with the advent of industrial revolution and now having entered information age, society is at threat of complete segregation.


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