Booting the Linux

A glitch in memory, the read USB error or that was the CDROM unread from the last days of  Windows 95

A glitch it was for Linux to come above the shallow waters of impunity

a device restarting many times and calling itself Windows

there was syslink with Unix while OSX looks beep and beep

The user opens the Pandora’s box as he reboots the PC

there is a shine in his eyes as the system boots without memory

in tow to the disk as he wanted

but the foolishness of enterprise comes in the open

there is a pause and wait while the existence obliterates the last shreds

of Windows PC and all that is left an empty screen glaring in darkness

of all the love that could drive the floppy was a risk for the Queen Victoria

to shy and forget the miles of technology riding high memory and going old

in the ways unknown to man. Technology Ride is High Moon I think.

In the end it is sheer misery to see not the blue screen of death but

the booed screen of love!


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