Dragons on fire

What is the will

is the desire

those who commit to the fire

Are bent on the downside of man united till

some say it is in the

help housing centre of ancient Rome

Where the upstream Barcelona mill the fame of Spanish harlem

i recall the woman who

having passed by on the horse of will, said nothing

But the dragons on fire reached for the bow and arrow

Till she whispered the end of Juventus and the whole Italian lot

arose but nothing would come but the fire of dragon

and she is a lover of footballer who having decimated the Gods

threw the dice to decide the fate on the field

Gambling or not he received the fire that is crackling under the winter haze

to lay open the field, here comes the Villan and here the striker

the knock outs of French league rose the tables of Champions League

there is no one but the dragon on fire.


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