Learning to drive

Suffer and more suffering doesn’t make man fit enough to challenge the order of the world. You are lost in the garden of Eden where the forbidden fruit impels for suffering in silence but then you had asked for knowledge and love doesn’t go about the standards we find in the bookish academic life that attracts the recluse and rejects the creative mind. Amid the fight with my demons I set out to learn how to drive to overcome the pangs of forbidden love that like forbidden fruit asks to forsake everything. Then I had lost the touch with the music that love fills every moment with. I was a leftover dredge looking to find solitude in love. But it was a downfall, fall more sinister than any gangster could afflict with injuries of brutality. I was picking up the shards of broken mirror which did reflect thousand faces through each of its dredges.

I was behind the wheels and having forgotten the pangs of loving Mary, I concentrated on the road direct to make a contact with speed so as to overcome any thought of her. I was doing great at the wheels when suddenly an old man popped up in the middle of the street. There was no way to go either way, I jammed the hand brake and loo it just brushed the old man while he tossed back a little and fell on to the road. I had a victim on my list and wondered if I have to end up behind the bars but luck had another story to narrate. He had escaped unhurt and my journey on learning the wheels continued.

It had been middle of night when the snow froze over chimney and clear stars shone the light of imminent joy that I could feel staring at them with a fixed mind about driving among them with someone special as the day would dawn we would return to our nest but that was  a dream, the dream of forgotten echoes of the past which now clanking in present. I must divorce the idea of driving a car and space ship which to the fervent mind doesn’t make much of difference.


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