Is Divine Creation a myth?

The Jupiter is upstream in its motion about the sun and upbeat too as far as a remote consciousness of the planet is concerned. It was driving at a speed that the world had barely observed in this charismatic year of 4233 AD. The man lost on the moon back in the hey days of conservative governance on the earth had hardly atriculated any cause of celebration. John was careful of the secretive societies that set their way to bring the doomsday to the earth as they hoped to flee the bare knuckles existence of the matter in the universe to a higher order of the spirit. The spirit is indeed divine and must the man overcome the narrow reaches of the materialism that lurks in the garb of science and convert the nature’s produce to the spirit. So everything in the universe has a spirit. The spirit is a quanta of energy that the body possess and the energy is the property of creation not of the mass or the weight of the object. So heavier objects need not possess more spirit. It is universal and like a soul uniquely represents the object or the body. It could not be a myth that the universe occupies a place of divine significance.


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