Doom and boom loom large

I am not a dwarf waiting for the mermaid to appear in the jungle out of nowhere that spawns endlessly around us. I am neither a go-getter out to nab the best the life could afford. I am a restless soul imagining to carve out a living as  a writer and that calls for the possibilities of doom or boom in the future which now is unimaginable. I am pinning my hopes on to beauty as the society is a slave of beautiful girl and so I wait may be sometimes for a mermaid to appear from the chaos around while sitting in a cafe and sipping over Bacardi and India is all full of daring beauty and gorgeous damsels. Equally beset is the poverty as India is a mammoth country spreading its roots all over the Indian subcontinent extending from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean in south and I happen to be a citizen of the country. It offends me sometimes when all I see is miserable poverty and now our Prime Minister has a bestowed legacy of unworthy enterprise that is locked over the bad debt. Hence the plethora of disease emanating primarily from the bureaucracy which is under the shadow of the intolerant Hindu who seek to create a homeland for the God let alone for the citizens.


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