The Pettiness of game

The games we play with our heart or with the fluttering nation we owe our allegaince to are almost redundant and we happen to take comfort in the fact that the nation we inhabit happens to always bestowing love and respect upon us. This could be misleading as the concept of nation requires an openness and frankness to put to table all the sentiments we could indulge in bringing the agend for the political achievements back to the square one. So we must actively participate in the poiltical movements of our time that happen to shape and shake us from the very core.Here are a few lines I could bring to the pettiness of game we never indulge in communicating about our nation to the people.

The moments sunk deep into the chasm of love

and we reside to obey only what matters to us

while leaving those that were alien to our thought

and I must happen to reject the very core of myself

in bringing us together to heaven.


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