The Love Poem


With disgust in my dreams I wish the Bollywood star listen to my dream,

there is a goat charging the fields with aimless wandering,

and comes prepared for the sacrifice of love and the princess was doubtful,

of every action the prince would take and now the forest men wanted,

a sacrifice of the goat for love to propel itself in the hearts of the lovers,

the sacrificial goat the Bollywood star would bring to the fore,

and let the love space even all men and the women beautiful,

Princess was charmed by the goat with its delicacy for art,

The goat could sing cried the mafia men now living in the forest,

for the want of money, The goat would sing a song of separation of love,

The prince silent but with the thought for the fire anointed love,

refused the sacrifice of goat that otherwise would bring love and care,

The prince and princess united felt safe in the environs of the forest,

Let all be silent.


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