Love Aloof

Under the shadow of Love,

I stood silent munching my own pain,

The pain of heart having trod upon,

The shores alone in the rainy weather,

I had burnt inside of a flicker,

There is no dampening flame but heaven’s edge,

That had smoldered love and fell silent.


Now I am taking a first few steps to love again,

In this world where roses are born with thorns,

There are thorns that are one’s destiny to have,

Rollicked with pain and bird sings a song of separation,

How far is love-home? In this world there is no room,

For resting a bit for hours on end and she gathered my gaze,

This is the Lion’s den of having wiped out of Lioness,

And everything is not the same in the season of spring.


I gathered roses plenty of tulips for the morrow,

When I go meet you at the shelter from storm,

There is wind enchanting hymns into my ears,

Here you come my boy, here you rest,

I am thee with you and you are the best,

I listened to freak sound and then eloped into the mist,

The morning did come and beat all the chill of meeting,

You under my aegis.


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