The chateau of desire

Kill the joy, killjoy! and serve in the chateau of desire, where everything is a dream served, on a platter for the fulsome future, I am dreaming the killjoy! no part with the desire of priests for God, I need human touch for the winsome, love and narrate my story to lovers, who hang around […]

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The Love Poem

3 Battered out of shape I put on faces, smiling for you and only you in the garden, where sits beauty amid the birds chirping a song, of separation in the world already separated, When I don’t see you in the sky or in the garden, then sets my alarm going as you have reappeared, […]

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The Love poem

2 I sat besotted with mind over things fanciful, till you came and picked up my mask of carnival, Play and don’t play marks the beginning of love ascetic, who willingly goes running for heap of love with pathos, his fingers dipped into cloy clay and a statute of God as being, hangs in front […]

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Purple dreams

A bent thought about the forest, men live not but out of closet, to bring forth the shadows of pyre, built and lit on the boulders of desire, now of conscience when left refuses the right, and the heavy propelled thoughts fall with might, to bring a new the social order, calamitous and warring disorder […]

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The Love Poem

1 With disgust in my dreams I wish the Bollywood star listen to my dream, there is a goat charging the fields with aimless wandering, and comes prepared for the sacrifice of love and the princess was doubtful, of every action the prince would take and now the forest men wanted, a sacrifice of the […]

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The Love Dream

There were hills surrounding the forest and the prince stood idle, He had a dream of faraway lands and beautiful princess, The poking at the tree had lasted civilian protests as thought, by the environmentalists to fell the trees of the forest, Nonetheless princess was adorned in the love of rituals, of fancy and zany […]

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The Sun colored Love Dream

I dealt with love again to look up to her for perfume of the saints, who come and stand midway between destiny and parade, and with tousled hair she would commit the life of a Don, to careless symphony of her own device   There is goat and monkey tied to the tree for nothing, […]

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Over the brim

the glass when filled over the brim, spills against the nothingness of life, It is half full or empty when poured, otherwise left drunk from the fountain of love, there is a sinister game of plying desires more often, than not the silence of the unspoken words by lover, who walks undead in the morning […]

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Late at Night

I switch the rooms only to mimic as Lover, on  a lost battle of underdogs’  love on the rocks, the wine was spent like a hot ration for the poor, who untwine the lovely from the rakish and good, part of night wasted on the throes of love’s pain   Still wordless about the hectic […]

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Noon Rider

I pass the shop where Noon strikes a chord, in the mind of the visitor as to see cartoon shop, where everything is a farce of life, a noon rider, wakes from the sleep and walks like a Donald Duck, or still a mickey mouse is a tramp vagary, there is a season of mirth […]

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