She walks in beauty

With the gait she decided to walk up till the hill,

Amused she is with thought and free,

This love has come after many centuries to see,

The lady love is kind and to face the God’s light,

With every step she walks and remembers heavens,

Up and with might.


I am not betrothed to thee,

Still you welcome me,

And I as a partner would be king,

There is room for lofty wings,

I am kind to thee like wintry dew,

T o come and play but for hours few


The upstairs she ran,

Quitting solemn question he went wan,

The answers elope the night,

But the day would not end the fright,

Here is silken  ensemble of the dawn,

Who’s but sick to win the brawn?


Hastily she recovers her form,

No need of earthly norm,

Hit the cue less sound,

That postpones milk bathing around,

I  indeed love thee, love for your nectar,

Here is the final reunion I must sector.



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