Eye of Love

I am the unhappy yet full blooming,

with resolve of a great mind,

perishing within the body and having soul,

upon drinking, the nectar rises and enchants the sleeping mind,

and docile body follows like the rivulet flowing through thousand strands of hair,

I rest and gulp the holy water,

brought up by her from the Ganges which,

engages the love and the unbending, the ego of the lute,

which on fluttering million hearts play and stop,

with the earthen cold and heartiness of love.


I am growing out like a tree having root at the spine,

where sits a torment energy looking for the Guru to,

capture nine skies and military of the planets ,which

ascribe to the Guru and fulfilled deep within relishing the,

earth and her love again. To see through the eye of love.


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